Forces of Society (2023)

In his latest book “Forces of Society”, Ivan Tucakov explores the process through which matter builds the world of biological life, further pushing the emergence of cultural societies, each with their own unique forces.

Ivan examines where our personality traits and temperaments come from, how we learn and how we get conditioned. The volume unveils what our judgments, opinions and “free-will” ultimately grant us and how our own rules and laws shape our individual core values and roles in society, all the while creating clear distinction between worlds of energetics, genetics and memetics.

In this volume, Ivan coins two terms for socio-cultural groups: propoliteia (from “pro” and “politeia”, that means “before governance”, or “before governing bodies”) which defines “egalitarian” societies, and eupoliteia (from Greek words “eu” and “politeia”, which mean “good/true governance”) which defines hierarchical societies.



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Cultura Rasa (2019)

Cultura Rasa explores the emergence and replicative nature of socio-cultural societies. It presents an integrated picture of all animal cultures, built from the bottom-up: starting from the world of atomic matter, over biological systems that they create, which further emerge into neural networks that ultimately build cultural systems. Cultura Rasa also offers a dozen original hypotheses within the disciplines of science and philosophy, whilst also proposing a preliminary structure of the tree of culture.

Ivan’s intent with this primer is to create accuracy and consistency in concept definition, to offer a deeper understanding and tolerance of varying cultural worldviews.

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Mindful Connection Method (2010)

“Mindful Connection Method” is a practical, strategically organized and easy to implement guide that enables us to know where to focus our attention and how to choose actions in order to build and maintain nurturing relationships with others and ourselves.

Supported by an illustrated, thorough example throughout and a full practice section at the back, this book offers guidance in areas of personal growth, family dynamics, work settings, conflict resolution, counseling, education, community building, social issues and beyond.

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About the Author

Ivan Tucakov hold an honors degree in Computer Science and Physics from the University of British Columbia, with some post-academic coding role at the particle accelerator Triumf. His writing has been influenced by his academic education, his work in show-business and people management, as well as his creative endeavours in worlds of music and digital media.

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